nursery rooms: Cubs

The Cub Room

At play in the Cub Room

Welcome to the Cub Room. We are situated in the front room of 9 Harvey Road.

The room enjoys the early morning sun, shaded by a large sycamore just outside the window which is a home to some of Harvey Road’s resident squirrels.
The staff ratio is 1:3. The room accommodates nine babies aged from three to sixteen months.(This is an approximate age range. Children can only be moved on when there is space available in the following room) Four staff are based in the room - a Room Leader, a Senior Nursery Nurse and two Nursery Nurses. In addition we have an assistant to help over the lunch period.

At sleep in the Cub Room

Independence is encouraged throughout the Nursery, and all children are supported and guided to do as much for themselves as possible.

Routines for the very young babies are dictated by their individual needs. During the settling in period your child’s key worker will be learning from you all about the baby’s existing likes and dislikes, just as you had to in the early stages of parenthood. The key worker may make suggestions or give advice to enable your baby to settle at the Nursery. For example, it is wise to have your baby used to taking some fluids from another vessel rather than being only breast fed. That way, should the baby be thirsty when you are not around, then the need can easily be met. Needless to say, we will not change anything without consultation. However, compromises might need to be agreed within the constraints of Nursery life.

What you need to provide:

  • two nappies

  • two changes of clothing

  • a plastic bag for soiled items

  • appropriate outdoor clothes and footwear

  • a comforter (if they have one).

The Nursery provides:

  • formula milk (SMM or Cow and Gate, but not follow-on milks; special milks for medical reasons will need to be provided)

  • cloth Terry nappies throughout the day

  • all bedding

  • pram for outdoor sleep

  • Low beds for older babies who sleep inside.

The Nursery supplies a blue bag for the items which you provide. All items should be clearly labelled or marked with the child’s name. We cannot take responsibility for lost items if they are not marked.
Daily reports
When you deliver your child, the staff member on duty will ask for any special information such as lost sleep or feed or general well-being. This will be recorded. As the day passes, anything that has happened will also be recorded and then shared with you at the end of the day. You will be given a copy when you collect your child.