nursery rooms: Koalas

The Koala Room

At play in the KoalaRoom

Welcome to the Koala Room. We are situated in the back room of 9 Harvey Road.

This is accessed by the cloakroom entrance at the very end of Harvey road, adjacent to Gresham Road. We look out onto the garden and a paved area used for bikes and trundle toys.
The staff ratio is 1:3. The room accommodates eleven children aged from twelve to twenty six months.(This is an approximate age range. Children can only be moved on when there is a space available in the following room) Four staff are based in the room - a Room Leader, a Senior Nursery Nurse a Nursery Nurse and a Nursery Assistant (NVQ level 2). We have an additional Nursery Assistant for three hours during the day.
Independence is encouraged throughout the Nursery, and all children are supported and guided to do as much for themselves as possible.
The typical routine for the Koala Room is as follows. At 8:15 we start receiving the children. The room is set out with various activities that will excite and stimulate your child. Parents are asked for any messages from home and these are recorded ready for sharing with other staff. After saying good-bye, your child will settle to play. Some children may require a cuddle at this stage; this is perfectly normal. In midmorning, the children have a snack of fruit and cow’s milk to drink. At the same time the activities may be changed, or if it is a Tuesday morning (during school term times) the children will have a special music session taken by our early years music teacher. Lunch is at 11:30 followed by a sleep.

At sleep in the KoalaRoom If any child needs an earlier sleep due to a disturbed night or the onset of illness then this will be accommodated.
On average, this age group sleeps for between one and two hours. If your child sleeps much longer at home, we can advise you how this can be gently adjusted during the child’s settling in period.

What you need to provide:

  • two nappies

  • two changes of clothing

  • a plastic bag for soiled items

  • appropriate outdoor clothes and footwear, including wellingtons and indoor slippers or gripper socks

  • a comforter (if they have one).

The Nursery provides:

  • formula milk (SMM or Cow and Gate, but not follow-on milks; special milks for medical reasons will need to be provided)

  • cloth Terry nappies throughout the day (up till 24 months old)

  • all bedding

  • pram for outdoor sleep

  • Low beds for older babies who sleep inside.

The Nursery supplies a blue bag for the items which you provide. All items should be clearly labelled or marked with the child’s name. We cannot take responsibility for lost items if they are not marked.