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Full day:  08:15 – 17:15 - 5 full days per week for Cub Koala children.

Full day:  08:15 -  17:30 - 5 full days per week for Polar Room children only.

We politely request that children are collected at least 5 minutes prior to the end of the session to allow staff time to clean and close down rooms.


The day is structured to provide a balance of planned individual, small and large group sessions, and times when children can organise their own activities – encouraging them to become independent learners.


The day divides naturally into a series of sessions separated by snack and mealtimes. At each session we change the selection of activities from which children can make their choice. The activities provided in each of our three rooms (Cubs, Koalas and Polars) are appropriate to the age and developmental stage of the children. These include art, games, puzzles, messy play, role-play, story time and water-play as well as more focused sessions on pre-school education for the older children. In the afternoon some children have a sleep or rest, others who no longer sleep during the day enjoy a quiet period looking at books or engaged in other restful activities.


We aim to have two sessions in the garden each day. Our outside play space contains a large sand-pit, climbing equipment, a climbing wall and a quiet seating area as well as flower beds, a grassed area and a paved area which allows for year round use. A selection of ride-on toys and bikes are available. Built into the weekly diary we have 'show and tell' sessions.


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