In October 2014, we were incredibly nervous about the idea of dropping off our baby with a group of strangers.  However, we learned immediately that each and every one of the staff is amazing.  We have loved sending our son to be taught and cared for and we are very sad that we had to move away.  It is conceivable to me that such a dedicated, loving and energetic collection of staff could exist anywhere else in the world.  Riley has be a very lucky child to have you all in his life.

Thank you.   Jenn and Brett Curran  September 2016.

Amazing staff everyone pulls their weight.  Brilliant  grounds, great office and meals.  Really creative trips, this is a unique feature of this nursery.  From the baby room onwards, trips out in buggies to see ducks, the fire engines and run rounds on Parkers Piece with the older children. Forest days are fantastic  the combination of nature and a bus trip is every child's dream.   It is wonderful as a parent to know that the children are getting all this fun and stimulation rather that sitting in a nursery all day.

March 2016

The nursery seems to look for ways to continuously improve the children's environment and staff seem to take pride in their work, which gives me as a parent reassurance that the children are well looked after. 

March 2016

Excellent communication and relationship established with parents.  Brilliant key workers.  Lots of personal attention for the kids.  Our child feels very confident and happy at the nursery. Very nice community feel.  Excellent food.

March 2016

Consistency and experience of staff.  Structure in conjunction with Government guidelines but in a natural and effective way. Great food. Flexibility of approach and openness.  Professionalism and  good  communication. Best nursery in Cambridge by far.

March 2016

Multicultural mix of children.  Safe and friendly environment.  Access to great facilities and food.

March 2016.

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