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 Best nursery in town :) Lots of adventures and things to learn.

 Parents - April 2023


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking care of our child the way that you have.  Before attending nursery our child had never been looked after or held by another adult since being born.  For these reasons sending our child to nursery was incredibly nerve wracking for us.  We did not know how our child would react or whether it was the right decision to send them to nursery.

From the first day we arrived at nursery and met you all, our worries disappeared.  We saw how much you cared for all the children and how happy, safe and engaged they feel at nursery.  You really value children as individuals with their own personalities and for that reason we have seen our child flourish in your care.  It is a joy to drop off every day knowing what a great time the children have and we love reading the updates every day.  You will probably be aware that there is increasing research about how important the early years are in shaping every aspect of a child's wellbeing even into adulthood.  We are so grateful that our child spent their precious 1st year with such wonderful people.

Parents - October 2021

Thank you for everything you guys have done this year. The lessons have been so creative and I know must have taken some time to prepare. The recycling one has had a real impact - our child now insists we pick up litter wherever we see it so we can recycle it and is also very good about making sure he doesn’t litter!

Parent - May 2021

Both of my children have attended Harvey Road Day Nursery, my son for two years and my daughter for four years. The staff in each room are warm and caring and keep open lines of communication with parents so that we work as a team in the child's development. The children spend lots of time outside, with learning woven into their play where appropriate. I cannot recommend the nursery highly enough.

Parent - December 2020

Both of my children have attended the nursery for several years.  The staff at every stage of their development have offered a safe and nurturing environment for them to learn, develop and grow.

Parent - October 2020

We couldn't be happier with Harvey Road. Both our children started at 10 months from Cub room. We have been impressed throughout all stages (from 10 months to the older Polar Room). 

The staff are a lovely combination of attentive while also letting the children explore and learn on their own. 

The facilities are great, there is good communication with parents updating us with the children's daily and weekly learning milestones and interests and the food is really nutritious (we never hear complaints from the little ones!). But for us what sets Harvey Road apart from other nurseries is the staff, they are really brilliant with the kids!

Parent - October 2020

Thank you for helping me grow and shine!!

Parent - September 2020

Thank you to all of you for such wonderful support during our daughter's time at Harvey Road.  We have really seen her blossom during her year at nursery.  We look forward to staying in touch.

Parent - July 2020

Thank you so much for being such great carers in Cub room and for looking after our son so well.  He has always been very happy to go to nursery and has learned a lot from all of you and has enjoyed all the activities and 'messy play' we don't do at home.  You are all great and we are really grateful for everything you do.

Parent - 2019

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