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The Tapestry system allows us to keep records of your child's development electronically and for you to access and add to them whenever you want:


  • You get a secure login which allows you see your child's records

  • You can add photos from home and view those from nursery

  • You can add videos from home and view those from nursery

  • You can comment on and reply to observations and photos from nursery

  • You can add observations and information about what your child does at home

  • We can also use them in conjunction with EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage), the framework on which we base our practice, to support and promote your children's development in all areas

Feedback from parents about tapestry


Febe van Maldegem

We have been delighted with the online Tapestry logbook. I regularly look on it to see whether anything new has been posted, because it gives us an insight into how our daughter is when at nursery. I have proudly showed it to other parents and would certainly recommend it to any other nursery.”


Paul Conduit

"The new Tapestry Journal is brillant! We love receiving regular updates about how our daugher is getting on and what she is up to. Picures and movies tell a thousand words and it is a joy to look through them, even during a busy day at work.

Sharing achievements

Leila Luheshi

Tapestry allows us to share Charlie's achievements and experiences with her key worker in a more depth and convenient way that we achieve at drop off/pick up time". Getting email notifications when an observation is posted on Tapestry means I can see what Charlie has been up to at nursery and feel more connected to her while I am at work" . Nursery already keeps such excellent records of the progress our children make, but until we had Tapestry these were paper based and not convenient to access on a daily basis. We now have immediate access whenever and where ever it is is convenient, to all of our daughers observations, and so can see exactly what progress she is making. This allows us to reinforce and encourage the new things she learns to do every day in the nursery." "Sharing our parental observations on Tapestry means Charlie's key worker has a better idea of what she enjoys doing at home. This has allowed staff to be more responsive as she develops and to better plan activities and build on the experiences and achievements that we see every day at home, but which might not always be apparent at nursery"

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