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"Learn Together" is one of our platforms on how to support a good working relationship with parents.  Its aim is to support opportunities for home learning.  Parents will find all information regarding  pre-schoolers, their involvements,

their plans for the near future and what they enjoy doing.


"Learn Together" explains the themes pre-schoolers are exploring, important dates and ideas for supporting children's learning at home.  It also informs the parents about the pre-school show and tell ideas.  These are ideas always linked with the themes they are involved in and always arise from the children's interests and curiosity.


Reading preschool "Learn Together" brings the parents closer to the understanding of how we encourage children to develop knowledge and skills across as many areas of learning as possible.

It has been decided that Show and Tell will be Free Choice for 2-3 year olds.

Pre-school will be exploring; nocturnal animals, and "light, dark and shadows"


Show and Tell

 Week 1: - Tuesday 29th October  -    Something related to dark and light.

 Week 2: - Tuesday 5th November -   Something to keep you safe in the dark

 Week 3: - Tuesday 12th November - An animal that comes out at night

 Week 4: - Tuesday 19th November - A torch to be kept at nursery for the rest of the winter months

 Festivals, celebrations and days to remember:


 This week (18th - 22nd November), the children will participate in the 'Rhyme a Day' challenge by singing the   nursery rhymes and taking part in supporting activities.  This year the rhymes are:

 Monday 18th       - Baa Baa Black Sheep

 Tuesday 19th       - Down in the Jungle

 Wednesday 20th - Incy Wincy/Itsy Bitsy Spider

 Thursday 21st      - Row Row Row Your Boat

 Friday 22nd          - Two Little Dickie Birds

 We value your input as parents and carers as it helps us to plan and meet the individual needs of your child.   We   would love to see on Tapestry examples of your child's existing knowledge or interest in these themes.  


 Thanks to all parents who already post entries on your child's account.  We really enjoy reading them. 

 Keep on posting.

 If you have any other festivals or celebrations coming up which are special to you, please let us

 know.  You are always welcome to come in an join us in our celebrations here.  Let us know if

 you would like to come in and help or teach us about some of your family traditions.

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