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The Polar room (24 months+)

Welcome to the Polar Room


The polar room can accommodate 25 children ranging in age from 2 to 5 years. The room consists of two groups - the younger Polars (2-3 years) and the older Polars (3-5 years).  During the day, the children are free to choose their activities from various resources in the room and interact across the two age groups.  Free flow to the garden is offered to the children in the mornings as well as age-specific activities.


In Polars we have a wide range of natural resources that promote learning, curiosity and development,  Our bespoke planning is based on child observations and interests.  This enables each child to flourish and grow.  Their interests underpin any activity or experiences we provide.  There is a balance of child initiated and adult led play. 

Come rain or shine our Polars will have lots of opportunity to play outside in our lovely large garden.  There they  can run, climb, dig and explore the natural world around them. 

Your child's keyperson provides a loving, caring and nurturing environment and keeps you up to date with their progress and development.  They will work alongside you when your child is ready for toilet training or any other development milestone.

Your child will be valued, respected and listened to.  They will have stories, music and fun.  They will become independent, confident learners ready to take on new challenges and reach their full potential.

What else happens in Polars?

We can be often found in our nursery garden, in the mud kitchen or vegetable garden.  

Our unique city centre position allows us to take full advantage of local opportunities for learning and fun.  We can visit local parks, museums, the local market, cinema, concerts and botanical garden.

With our older Polars we support and build upon what is learnt through an evolving emergent curriculum focussed around project based learning - this is always co-constructed with children and supported by us.

The children's inquisitiveness and eagerness to learn is developed during dedicated circle time, which happens twice a day, where the older children all come together as a group.

How can you find out about your children's learning and development?

All  our learning is recorded in the form of observations, photos and videos and is shared with you through the online Tapestry Learning Journal.  You will see free-play sessions as well as planned activities.  We also post a weekly update from the room so you can see what your child has been up to and any plans for the following week - this will include Show and Tell and any other important information (including pyjama parties and wet 'n' wild days). 

Toddlers playing in Harvey Road Day Nursery's garden in Cambridge (polar room)
Painting and messy play at Harvey Road Nursery in Cambridge, nursery garden
Child playing with wheelbarrow in garden at Harvey Road Nursery in Cambridge
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