The Polar room (24 months+)

Welcome to the Polar Room


The polar room accommodates 26 children ranging in age from 2 to 5 years. The room consists of two teams - the Litte Polars (2-3 years) and the pre-school Polars (3-5 years).  During the day, the children are free to choose their activities from various resources in the room and interact across the two age groups.  Free flow to the garden is offered to the children in the mornings and at other times children take part in age-specific activities.


Little Polars (2-3 years)


Each child has a designated key person who observes and plans for their key children’s development. Activities and displays are based upon children’s interests and likes. During this stage potty training usually occurs and we help and support our children to become independent through play.




In pre-school, your child has reached his or her final year with us before they leave for school.  During this time, we aim to encourage a positive attitude to learning through play and to help your child develop the skills they need so that they are prepared and ready for school next year.


The pre-school team work together to plan from the EYFS and Staying Safe framework.


We follow the children’s interest when deciding themes; therefore we do not have set themes which happen each year. We observe the children during the day and through play and note interests and ideas for future themes. 

Polar Room Routine

8.15          Doors open for children to arrive

9.30          Snack time

9.40          Garden open for free flow

11.15        Pre-school key group time

11.40        Lunch time

12.30        Lunch time finishes

                  Pre school circle time

                  Little Polars  get ready for sleep/quiet play

2.00           Garden open

                   Remaining Little Polars begin to wake up

3.30           Tea time

4.00           Tea time finishes

4.00           Pre school circle time (finishes at 4.30)

5.30            Nursery closes

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