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We believe every child and family will bring something special to our nursery, and that is a uniqueness.

Our aim is to nurture, guide, cherish and develop all qualities and strengths.  We achieve this by providing an enabling environment with staff who are passionate, highly motivated and highly qualified.

We will give your child time and space to grow, to ask questions and to explore the world around them.  To try out and practice new skills and to embed exciting skills.  They will have daily opportunities to socialise, communicate, problem solve and be children.  We give a high priority to having fun and to continual learning and that goes for the staff too.

Your child will leave us with lots of fond memories, friendships and to be life long learners. 

Every child will be supported to reach their full potential regardless of colour, gender, ethnicity, background or level of ability.  We embrace and value diversity.  We believe in parents as partners, recognising you as the first educators.  Together we strive to give your child the best start in life.

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