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Meals and healthy eating

This weeks menu 15th January 2018

(Please inform the nursery of any updated dietary or allergen requirements for your child)


Lunch: Ham and Pepper Pizza with Baked Beans

Tea:  Pitta Bread with Coronation Chicken or Cheese and Fruit    

Vegetarian:  Vegetable Pizza with Baked Beans

Dietary requirements/Allergens:


Lunch: Lentil and Bean Curry served with Rice and Naan Bread

Tea: Stuffed Potato Skins and Fruit Smoothie 

Vegetarian: Lentil and Bean Curry served with Rice and Naan Bread 

Dietary requirements/Allergens:


Lunch: Roast Turkey with Roasted New Potatoes and Broccoli

Tea: Carrot and Coriander Soup with Freshly Baked Rolls and Fruit

Vegetarian: Lunch: Quorn Fillet with Roasted New Potatoes and Broccoli

Dietary requirements/Allergens: 


Lunch:  Chilli con Carne with Sweetcorn Rice

Tea: Assorted Sandwiches and Yoghurts

Vegetarian: Quorn Chilli con Carne with Sweetcorn Rice

Dietary requirements/Allergens: 



Lunch:  Salmon Pasta Bake with Garlic Bread and Peas       

Tea: Hot Dogs and Fruit 

Vegetarian: Salmon Pasta Bake with Garlic Bread and Peas 

Dietary Requirements/Allergens: 

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Healthy eating

We understand the importance of promoting healthy eating at an early age. We provide freshly-prepared meals that are both varied and nutritionally balanced. We limit sugary items and do not have crisps, sweets or fizzy drinks in the nursery. Our qualified Chef,  uses fresh produce wherever possible, and incorporates a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables in their cooking. Vegetarian diets are catered for and our chef works carefully with parents whose children have individual dietary needs. 


A hot lunch is served comprising of a main course . In the afternoon, tea consists of sandwiches or other savoury item and fruit. Snacks of fruit and rusks are also served in the morning. The children are provided with water and milk to drink and bread and fruit are available should the children be hungry between meals. A weekly menu is posted in each cloakroom. Our chef also works with Polar room staff to introduce the children to food and healthy-eating topics including various sampling and tasting sessions. Read more about our healthy eating policy.

We hold the highest Food Standard Award of 5 stars.

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